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Acavallo Amazzone Bridle

The Acavallo bridle line is characterised by a particular softness and an ergonomic shape of the crown piece. Some models feature a uniquely shaped insert releasing the poll and the upper cervical spine of the horse. This design relieves pressure and provides for a perfect fit of the bridle in the poll area, one of the most sensitive body regions of the horse. The cheekpieces of Acavallo bridles attach to the noseband by means of an innovative and patent pending self-adjusting system which prevents the pinching of facial nerves, muscles and of the jaw joints, allowing the horse to chew and breathe much more naturally than with conventional designs. In addition to that the special suspension system reduces the risk of abrasions in the cheekbone area.
  • Italian leather bridle
  • BD legal
  • Latex-padding crown piece, leather covered
  • Contoured and anatomic crown piece with special insert to relieve pressure in the poll area
  • Acavallo self-adjusting noseband
  • Fancy stitched noseband and browband
  • Cognac bridles are a special order and can take up to two weeks to get in stock

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