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Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray

The ultimate protection, Leovet Power Phaser is the perfect deterrent against all biting and non-biting flies, including horseflies and ticks. With 100% keep-away power, long-lasting application of the active ingredients promises maximum coverage, even when your horse sweats. For up to seven hours of protection, simply apply evenly over your horse’s body, starting with his neck and working your way around his body, avoiding contact with his head and sensitive areas.

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Carr Day & Martin Flygard 

Long lasting insect repellent spray with a citronella scent.


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A unique, traditional formula used and trusted for generations. Massage into the coronet band to promote healthy hoof growth. Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring & growth of the hoof. Application by hand or with a toothbrush stimulates keratin producing cells. Hoof Ointment also aids re-growth of hair after rubs or scarring.
Application: Apply to clean hooves, by hand, rubbing in well around the coronet band and into any cracks. Use weekly to maintain a healthy growth of horn, or daily to accelerate hoof growth and improve poor hoof quality.
Due to increased hoof growth during use, hooves may need trimming more frequently. Results will be visible in 4-6 weeks.

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Carr & Day & Martin Dream Coat Equimist

Produces the ultimate high gloss, non-greasy finish

Outshine the competition with Dreamcoat, the ultimate high gloss finish. The unique non-slip formula highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue. Spray Dreamcoat onto manes and tails prior to plaiting for a high shine finish.

Spray the fine mist over the body, mane & tail for the ultimate even application
Brush to polish
Size: 600ml,

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Super powerful stain removing shampoo for stubborn ingrained stains.

  • Cleans whiter than white - even removes manure yellowing, yet still kind on sensitive skin.  
  • Ideal for grey or light coloured horses and problem areas such as the hocks and knees.
  • Extra thick formula for easy direct application.
  • Results are immediate.


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Greenguard Grazing Muzzle 

A simple solution to reduce grass intake. Designed with vets for effective grazing management, it is ideal for excess weight, laminitis risk or the good doer. 

  • allows unrestricted breathing and drinking
  • easy to attach and adjust
  • durable and UV resistent
Product ref: 5415

Online price: £8.55 8.55

Offers instant shine and condition, coating individual hair strands and protecting against dust and stains. It will also help to prevent thinning of tails, as the comb will just glide through.  Encourages easy grooming and will add shine to any black points, manes and tails as well as being an excellent detangler.  Leave mud to dry and it will easily brush off. Saves hours of grooming time.

Gloss in a bottle!  This all in one fine mist is a professional level grooming product to not only show your horse's coat at its best but also detangle tails and repel mud, saving hours of grooming time and preventing your horse from becoming sore and sensitive from harsh grooming or losing tail hair. Allows your horse to look like a winner and gives you more time to ride. Also works on dogs too!

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Groom Away Every Day Tangle Away is a non greasy mane and tail conditioner that detangles and leaves a silky sheen. Can be applied wet or dry.

100% natural with added Lemongrass essential oils which has many beneficial properties including being, anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal. It is also known for its fly repellent properties.

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Groom Away Natural Purple Spray for horses containing Tea Tree, Lavender, Chamomile & Arnica well known for their healing properties.

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral makes it ideal for use on minor wounds, abrasions, cuts & bites

Cracked, split heels are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, use spray as a preventative and to aid recovery

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Horse Care Sponge

A Carr Day & Martin high density, quality sponge that will last you all season.

Ergonomically shaped and very durable


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HyHEALTH Poultice

100% Natural, veterinary approved, first aid poultice - All purpose dressing for wounds, cuts and abrasions. Can be applied hot, cold or dry.

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Powerful and effective antibacterial scrub and skin cleanser. Contains Chlorhexidine.


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Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys

Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys are the perfect addition to your horses stable. If your horse gets easily bored, then these Kentucky Horse Toys are great to give the horse something to play with. When the horse applies pressure to the toys belly. This then produces a cracking plastic sound, which is intriguing for them. It can also help nervous horses get used to unusual sounds, which is great to build confidence in younger horses.
Another great asset to the toy is under the tail you can open the toy and remove the plastic bottle to replace to keep the fun on going! The mane and tail of the toy horse are also very fun for the horse to play with. Whilst having a small rope attached to the whither of the toy to attach to your desired place within the stable.

The Kentucky Horse Toy is machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not  tumble dry.

1 size: 40cm length.

Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and ripped. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

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Kentucky Horsewear Alpaca Horse Toy

Kentucky Horsewear Alpaca Horse Toy will become your horse’s best friend in no time at all. With thousands sold worldwide these are a horsey favourite that amuses your horse and pony all through the day and night.Use at home in the stable and travelling to a show. The Relax Horse Toys are a great gift for your horse.

This entertaining horse toy is made out of a lovely soft natural cotton. It is also perfectly safe to put into your horse’s stable when boredom sets in. The cotton is GOTS certified, which means the fibers used are ecologic and also fair payment is made to the producers.
The inside of the alpaca toy is filled with a plastic bottle that you can easily replace thanks to the Velcro closure. It produces a super cracking plastic sound when you apply pressure on the toy’s belly or head: make sure your horse will be intrigued and amused! The Relax Horse Toy Alpaca should only be hand washed and therefore do not place it in the washing machine.

Although Horse Toys are very resilient. Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and pulled. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

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Leovet 5 Star Detangler

The Premium detanglar in 5-star quality with arginine for better hair growth, wheat pentavitin to help stop itching and dry skin. Pro vitamin B5 panthenol for health, nourished hair with lots of volume, Easy combing of mane and tail and protection from dust and dirt for several days.

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This insect repellent gel gives long-lasting protection, thanks to a 10% concentration of an active ingredient called IR 3535. The sponge included allows the gel to be applied easily onto sensitive areas without getting it on the hands.


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Lincoln Dogbone Sponge

Ideal for bathing. Fits well in the hand.

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Lincoln Fly Stoppa 

High performance dual action fly repellent with the additional antibacterial benefits of natural tea tree oil. Water based. Contains skin conditioning glycerine. A must have to stock during the fly season! HSE 7803.

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Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Skin Aid

A cooling, soothing lotion for hypersensitive skin affected by fly and midge bites. This advanced emulsion utilises Benzyl Benzoate & Menthol to offer a topical aid to maintain the skin’s integrity against skin trauma on manes, tails & itchy areas.  Use with the Itchy Switchy Shampoo.


Online price: £14.99 14.99

Lincoln Itchy Switchy S.O.S Skin Shield

• An antibacterial summer barrier cream
• Forms a durable, physical barrier to prevent midges & flies from biting
• Soothes, moisturises & protects minor wounds & cuts from flies
• Use on the dock, mane, ears, teats, sheath, abdomen, heels & inner leg

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Sticky Trap Glue

Sticky Trap Glue has been specially developed for catching horseflies, hornets, stable flies, and other harmful biting and irritating insects around people and livestock in a natural way without the use of pesticides. Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue is made from natural minerals, is light brown in colour, sticks for a long period (up to 20 weeks), and will not attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.

Sticky Trap has an adhesive power that is specially designed to catch small biting insects and is completely harmless to all others (humans & animals).  We do recommend hanging traps out reach and not apply more then a thin layer (1 -2 mm.)

Apply the Sticky Trap glue to the object with a brush or spatula. Traps can be made of various materials, however plastic is the most suitable. For biting horseflies we recommend a black bucket. Hang it upside down in an open area so it can move in the wind and get warm and attract the biting horsefly. Inside stables and barns white buckets, milk cartons and similar products can be used to catch (stable) flies. Buckets can be easily cleaned using a spatula, so can be used year after year. For more information, building guides and videos visit: www.sticky-trap.eu

Benefits Sticky Trap horsefly-trap glue:

  • The worlds leading number 1 flytrap glue
  • The only glue when making horsefly traps & insects traps
  • Made to the highest quality 100% Economic made from natural ingredients, free from pesticides
  • Up to 30 horsefly traps can be made with a 1,5L bucket of Sticky Trap.
  • Buckets are easily cleaned with a spatula, can be used year after year.
  • Rain and heat resistant up 70 degrees
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Insects that pollinates such as bees, butterflies and other important species will not be attracted to sticky trap
How to make the cheapest horsefly trap? 
  1.  Drill a hole in the top of the bucket and string a rope through the hole. Run the rope through a metal ring and tie a knot so that the rope cannot go back through the hole. A big and sturdy knot may suffice as well.
  2. Screw a small hook in the underside of a bar that is approximately 50cm long. Hang the rope that is attached to the bucket on the hook (see picture). The ideal height of the bucket is 100 cm above the ground.
  3. Mount the bar onto one of the field poles. It’s important that it is placed near vegetation, if possible. It should also catch enough sunlight so that the bucket can get warm. 
  4. The placing has to be in an open area, so that the bucket can move in the wind. Finally apply glue to the outside of the bucket. Wear gloves, it’s called sticky for a reason!
  5. The bucket should hang outside of the field. If not, your horse will brush against the trap, the flies will stick to your horse not the trap!  This will not harm your horse, but it’s certainly not pleasant.

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