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Ball Feeder 

Encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket. The Ball Feeder is a useful aid for relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on box rest. Fill with pony nuts and let your horse explore how to release them. Small 'rewards' are dispensed as the ball is rolled around.

Product code: 9640

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Kentucky Relax & Play Hay Ball 

The Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Play Hay Ball in Royal Blue is an innovative accessory that enhances the well-being and engagement of horses. Combining durability, functionality, and entertainment, this hay ball is rapidly gaining popularity among horse owners looking to improve their horse’s living conditions.

At the core of the Relax Horse Play Hay Ball is its innovative design that transforms feeding time into an interactive and stimulating experience. Constructed from high-quality materials, this hay ball ensures longevity and durability, capable of withstanding the playful antics of even the most spirited horses.

The simplicity of the hay ball’s design belies its profound impact on a horse’s mental and physical health. By incorporating it into the daily routine, horse owners can address common issues associated with boredom and stress. The rolling and bouncing nature of the hay ball not only entertains horses but also promotes exercise, contributing to their overall well-being.

One of the key features of the Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Play Hay Ball is its ability to encourage natural foraging behavior. As horses interact with the ball to access the hay within, they engage in a behavior that mimics their instinctual grazing habits. This not only provides mental stimulation but also helps prevent undesirable behaviors often associated with boredom, such as cribbing or weaving.

The versatility of the Relax Horse Play Hay Ball is another noteworthy aspect. Whether used in stalls, paddocks, or during turnout, this accessory seamlessly integrates into various equine environments. Its bright and attractive design adds a visually pleasing element to the surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the stable or paddock.

Implementing the Relax Horse Play Hay Ball into a horse’s routine aligns with modern equine care practices, emphasizing the importance of mental enrichment alongside physical health. As horse owners prioritize the well-being of their equine companions, the Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Play Hay Ball stands out as an essential tool in achieving a balanced and happy lifestyle for horses.

In conclusion, the Kentucky Horsewear Relax Horse Play Hay Ball is more than just an equine accessory; it’s a transformative addition to the horse owner’s toolkit. Its durable construction, engaging design, and versatility make it a standout choice for those looking to enhance the quality of life for their horses. By promoting mental and physical stimulation, this hay ball represents a holistic approach to equine care, aligning with the evolving standards of horse welfare in today’s equestrian community.

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Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys

Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys are the perfect addition to your horses stable. If your horse gets easily bored, then these Kentucky Horse Toys are great to give the horse something to play with. When the horse applies pressure to the toys belly. This then produces a cracking plastic sound, which is intriguing for them. It can also help nervous horses get used to unusual sounds, which is great to build confidence in younger horses.
Another great asset to the toy is under the tail you can open the toy and remove the plastic bottle to replace to keep the fun on going! The mane and tail of the toy horse are also very fun for the horse to play with. Whilst having a small rope attached to the whither of the toy to attach to your desired place within the stable.

The Kentucky Horse Toy is machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not  tumble dry.

1 size: 40cm length.

Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and ripped. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

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Kentucky Horsewear Alpaca Horse Toy

Kentucky Horsewear Alpaca Horse Toy will become your horse’s best friend in no time at all. With thousands sold worldwide these are a horsey favourite that amuses your horse and pony all through the day and night.Use at home in the stable and travelling to a show. The Relax Horse Toys are a great gift for your horse.

This entertaining horse toy is made out of a lovely soft natural cotton. It is also perfectly safe to put into your horse’s stable when boredom sets in. The cotton is GOTS certified, which means the fibers used are ecologic and also fair payment is made to the producers.
The inside of the alpaca toy is filled with a plastic bottle that you can easily replace thanks to the Velcro closure. It produces a super cracking plastic sound when you apply pressure on the toy’s belly or head: make sure your horse will be intrigued and amused! The Relax Horse Toy Alpaca should only be hand washed and therefore do not place it in the washing machine.

Although Horse Toys are very resilient. Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and pulled. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

Online price: £24.95 24.95

Horse Toy Banana

Keep your horse amused in the stable with this 3D banana horse toy.
It comes with a rope loop that you can hang up and a play rope through the banana for extra pull play, preventing your horse from getting bored.
The banana is filled with natural husk and lined with hessian for extra strength.
Hang it up in the stable as a fun boredom breaker your horse can play with whenever it chooses.
Always replace horse toys at the first sign of wear and tear for your horse's safety

Online price: £29.95 29.95

Horse Toy Cupcake

Keep your horse amused in the stable with this colourful 3D cupcake with a candle.

With a durable suede outer, it comes with a play rope through the cake for extra pull play, preventing your horse from getting bored.

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Likit Holder 

The easiest way to start using Likits, this clever toy is designed to be hung freely in the stable from the rope provided and used in conjunction with a Likit Refill (650g), sold separately. As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward.

To view the refills click here. 

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Likit Refill

Mouth-wateringly tasty Likit treats are designed to be used in conjunction with Likit Toys to help make stable life more fun and less stressful. Delicious formulations that your horse or pony will love!

To purchase a holder for this item click here 

Online price: £4.13 4.13

Silvermoor Rope Kit

To get your Swinger swinging you’ll need this handy rope. It is 146cm in length and should be hung away from any surfaces. Full instructions are provided on the packet.

To view the swinger click here. 

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Silvermoor Swingers 

Silvermoor Swingers are the only hanging forage block made from 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar. The innovative design attaches to the rope (which can be bought separately) and is hung from a height in your stable. There are no corners so your horse will not be able to grab at it and gobble it down. The unique swinging design means the horse has to work to be able to eat it. This means it cannot be eaten quickly and will take longer to eat than similarly sized traditional blocks of forage. Eating regularly promotes saliva production which buffers stomach acids and helps prevent against gastric ulcers. Silvermoor Swingers are low in sugar and low in starch. They provide a healthy addition to be used to compliment the horses’ diet and can help manage weight. They are safe to use for laminitics and good doers as well as insulin resistant horses and those suffering from EMS.

To view the rope kit for the swingers click here.

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