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Roller and Surcingle Pad

Essential back protection while lungeing
The only pad of its kind – preventing bruising or soreness from the roller while lungeing for exercise or rehabilitation. Adjustable straps allow easy fitting to any roller. An award-winning product

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Kieffer Cavesson Perfect  (Lunging Cavesson)

In cooperation with the ASSOCIACAO PORTUGUESE (Portuguese Association of the Lusitano Horse) this cavesson is specifically designed for the lunging.

  • Bitless bridle for lungeing and especially for training young horses
  • The soft padded noseband offers 3 rings for safe control and correction
  • Fully size adjustable
  • Chrome fittings - 100 % rustproof

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An effective aid to achieve a correct outline when used as part of a comprehensive training program. Acts on the bit and poll to prevent excessive upwards movement. Aviemore leather with nylon cord and stainless steel fittings.    


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Useful for a ridden or lunged horse to help achieve a pleasing top line form. Engages the bit and poll to encourage a correct outline. Leather with nylon cord and stainless steel fittings.    

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Leather side reins with elastic inserts and trigger clips.     

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Blenheim quality with continental web reins. Useful for ridden flat work. Pressure is applied to the bit when the horse raises his head too far, control of which is in the hands of the rider. Good for improving top line muscle.    


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  • With fitted dees.
  • Attatches to Eclipse Breaking Roller Pad.



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Fully adjustable breaking pad with 5 dees and 4 eyeletted straps allowing for 16" adjustment with a separate girth. Available in small or large, in black only. Made by Eclipse.





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Elastic training aid that gently encourages correct head carriage by applying light pressure at the poll. Easy to fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the saddle D-rings or girth. Made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll.     


Latest Training Aid. Read More!
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The Equi Smart Control is specially designed to promote responsiveness. Understanding between horse and rider in a safe, effective and horse friendly way

After fitting according to the instructions, the Equi SmartControl begins to immediately  work. The bit is stabilised in an ideal place in the mouth. This pleasant feeling gives the horse confidence in the rider's hand.

When the rider to use the reins to steer, rhythm, speed or direction creates a light-downward-centering force on the bit rings, without obstructing the head or the neck.  

Through this symbiosis, the rider can, depending on the discipline practiced, the willing horse, intensive to collect or relax, create or forward-backward driving.

The Equi Smart Control:
Makes strong horses compliant and agile
Encourages the use of the back and the positive muscle building
Facilitates daily work
Shortens the training period
Increases the competitiveness and driving comfort
All this without any constraint!


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Size: Pony, Cob, Full, XFull
Colour: Raspberry, Blue, Black

Lunge Cavesson lined in fleece


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EDR-Draw Reins With an Elastic Insert

Leather Draw Reins with an Elastic Insert, helping your horse learn to maintain light contact with the bit while moving forward freely into the bridle.

  • Made from the finest Leather
  • Elastic Ends
  • Brass Clips
  • Girth Attachment - Available in Brown or Black
  • One size only

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The Leather Draw Reins are a great piece of tack that can be used both while riding or in training. These reins are used to encourage your horse to carry its head in the correct position.


- Made from the finest leathers
- Rope insert
- Brass clips
- Girth attachment
- Available in brown or black
- One size only

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This training aid gently encourages the horse to work correctly by strengthening the back, stretching the top line, maintaining muscle tone and building muscle in youngsters. A simple rope and pulley system offers 4 levels of adjustment allowing the aid to be modified as the training progresses. Roller available separately. 1. The horse is encouraged to work in a longer, lower outline 2. Top line muscles are encouraged to develop 3. Helps the horse with balance and develops neck muscles. Can be used at a canter 4. The horse is encouraged to a high outline; for advanced work    


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Anyone with small children will know the problems caused when the pony puts his head down and unseats the rider. This useful rein attaches to both sides of the saddle and buckles onto the crown of the bridle, simply solving this age old problem.    

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Developed by legendary Show Jumper Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa Training Aid is considered by many to be an essential tool for every horseman. Working in harmony with the horse; it persuades and suggests, helping the horse to find its optimum balance and rhythm.
Typical schooling aids often create a rigid contact with the horse’s mouth. In contrast, the Pessoa Training Aid recognised that to work correctly a fluid contact is required to accommodate individual movements. This is created by a series of sympathetic ropes and pulleys that are used while lunging to encourage the horse to work in the perfect shape.
When developing the Training Aid, Nelson Pessoa acknowledged that a horse’s all important back muscles need to be free when working to achieve that all desired balance and impulsion. The Pessoa Training Aid promotes this philosophy and, therefore, supports the development of back muscles in all horses. Ideally, work with the Pessoa Training Aid should begin when the horse is young.
Regular use of the Pessoa Training Aid as part of a horse’s training routine will help develop the free forward flowing paces required to succeed in all competitive spheres. The Pessoa Training Aid should be gradually introduced into a work regime, starting in walk, then trot and finally when the horse is settled, canter. The Pessoa Training Aid works at its best when used regularly for short periods of time.
The Pessoa Training Aid offers a range of settings. The lower positions work the horse’s back muscles in isolation. Once the horse is relaxed and working freely at the lower positions, higher positions can be introduced, which work the back muscles and the muscles at the base of the neck in conjunction. The system of ropes and pulleys used encourages the horse to take weight off the forehand and work through his back, bringing his hindquarters underneath him and consequently finding balance and flexibility.

Please note: Training Roller NOT Included.
Spare parts & clips are also available direct from GFS, please call 01922 638094.

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Nylon roller with 11 D-rings, fleece lining across the top and a girth that is adjustable on both sides.    

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8 metre/26' long

Soft feel Lunge Line

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