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Fit: Adjustable

X-Meredith D 

The X-MEREDITH saddle, thanks to the new X-Technology, slots into the top-of-the- league position given the performance it offers. The saddle guarantees a higher degree of “close contact”, the effect of greater proximity between horse and rider, as well as improved comfort on account of its softer seat. The above results are due to the use of elastic membranes with a special shock-absorbing material applied to the tree in the area of the ischium. The other focus of design attention is the panels. The conventional stuffed panels are replaced by new panels made of the same synthetic material, used as stuffing, and by a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic and takes over from felt and foamed material. The effect obtained is an appreciable reduction in the thickness of the panels. At the same time stability is retained as, too, the comfort felt by the horse along its back. All other technical features remain unchanged.

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Online price:  £255.00  

Stubben Equisoft Stud Girth incl. Cover


  • Due to the girths exclusive system of elastic rings and special
  • shape, usual pressure is released from the chest and freer
  • breathing is permitted
  • Proven significantly lower heart rate for the horse
  • Girths over a large area allowing a perfect girth pressure distribution
  • Especially designed for show jumping
  • Incl. snaphook


Shop price: £ 55.00
Online price:  £38.50  

Kieffer Neoprene

New but not in original packaging

Kieffer saddle girths are renowned for their comfort and their individual material characteristics. They come with 100 % stainless steel fittings.

Patented kieffer roller buckle:

  • The buckle has a massive roller, which passes directly through the eyelets of the buckle
  • A groove supports the perfect position of the buckle tongue
  • The durable construction prevents deformation of the roller

Soft and smooth

Easy on the skin and sweat-absorbent

Shop price: £ 41.98
Online price:  £30.22  

Saddlecloth and Bandage Set

  • Soft and durable suede outer with a wick-away lining to help keep your horse cool, dry and comfortable
  • Breathable mesh spine for extra airflow
  • PVC covered girth patch for added durability
  • Machine washable


Set of 4 thick fleece bandages, suitable for exercise, stable or travel


Online price:  £299.00  

Sale General Purpose Saddle

Only Whilst Stocks Last - Limited Stock Held

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The VSD is part of the K2 range and offers the rider a slightly straighter leg position than the GP and has a small supportive knee roll. The flap is designed to sit behind the shoulder and is perfect for the show ring.

30% Off in the Clearance Sale!
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Get a Huge 30% OFF this GFS XCH S1 GP Alto
The GFS XCH S1 GP Alto has been designed for a horse with a higher wither and greater wither to back differential. Ultimately offering the rider a multi-purpose saddle for general riding activities but adapted to offer a fit solution.
This saddle offers a cut back head and tree shape that suits a horse with higher withers and a generous front gusset with an extra deep panel for support. This is balanced with more depth in the rear gusset. Although the panel surface has been increased the channel through the middle of the saddle offers good clearance either side of the spine. An open and comfortable seat allows the rider to accurately adopt a range of positions. Further versatility of the saddle is achieved through adjustable and removable knee blocks.


  • GFS AMS panel for weight distribution and pressure reduction
  • GFS lightweight unbreakable carbon fibre tree with LIFETIME GUARANTEE!
  • Solution for an all-round rider
  • Cut back tree
  • Suited to a horse with high withers
  • Extra deep panel and rear gusset
  • Balance strap tab
  • Smooth leather
  • Velcro knee rolls and Thigh roll

Gullet Plates: Series 1 GFS X-Change Gullet Plate supplied: Medium Wide



Shop price: £ 1,200.00
Online price:  £600.00  

For the customer wishing to ride straighter Ideal have developed the VSD Event, this is also derived from the International Event but is has straighter cut flaps.


Shop price: £ 21.99
Online price:  £17.59  

Personalise your Bates with high quality Bates jewelled stirrup keepers.

Simply push out your standard stainless steel keeper, and insert a new pair of jewelled keepers for a touch of added style!

Suitable for all saddles featuring the stainless steel keepers.

Limited number in stock.

Lambskin covered girths. Great for sensitive horses.
Shop price: £ 60.00
Online price:  £42.00  

Dressage girth fully lined with 100% Merino lambskin. Great for sensitive horses. Pile depth approx 30mm providing a soft, light and breathable surface against your horse.

The girth itself is 4" wide but the lambskin lining is slightly wider giving a total of nearly 5" width; this helps to distribute pressure and stop chaffing.

  • The roller buckles are made of stainless steel.
  • Available in Natural (undyed).
  • The roller buckles and D ring are made of stainless steel.
  • Near side roller buckle has an elasticated end for increased comfort for your horse.
  • D ring for martingale if required.
  • Sizes from 50cm/20" to 80cm/32" long.

Now on sale!
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These products can be used on leather furniture, leather casework or bag and equestrian items.
This kit contains the following items:
  • 250ml Leather Ultra Clean
  • 250ml Leather Protection Cream
  • 1 Sponge
  • 1 Cloth

For all leathers excluding suede and nubuck


Online price:  £899.00  

For the customer wishing to ride straighter we have developed the VSD Event, this is also derived from the International Event but is has straighter cut flaps.

Shop price: £ 850.00
Online price:  £765.00  

JWS021 - Discontinued - limited stock held

We now only have the following saddles available: 16.5" Havana Medium

The new John Whitaker Kids Saddle is specifically for the younger rider. The calfskin seat is designed for comfort, whilst the calfskin knee rolls and forward cut design helps to keep his or her leg in the correct position and the durable leather along the main panel of the saddle preventing scuffs and marks to the leather from the movement of the rider's leg. The kid's saddle features a latex under panel for increased comfort for the rider and the adjustable nylon tree enables us to adjust the saddle in house to reduce pressure along the horse's spine for the perfect fit.



  • Forward cut for stability, 
  • Calfskin knee rolls
  • Made with higher tree points for greater shoulder movement
  • Soft calfskin seat with latex under panel
  • Contrast stitching and piping
  • Made from high quality calfskin along the knee rolls and seat
  • Durable main panel leather
  • John Whitaker cantle plaque
  • Fully adjustable elastic nylon tree
  • 2 year leather guarantee against defects
  • Embossed under panel
  • John Whitaker saddle pins

Shop price: £ 48.95
Online price:  £34.26  

Ruthlessly efficient XC boots . Unique MicroFlex cage mesh offers lightweight protection with 360° air ventilation. Offering shock absorption, tendon support & Polycarbonate strike guards. Stealth have established a new standard in cross-country protection with a discrete look.

These technical XC boots have been designed for strength and optimum protection but made with the comfort of active legs in mind.

The outer material of this sleek design is perforated permitting 360 degrees exchange of air over its entire surface area whilst galloping, reducing tendon temperature.

  1. Lightweight: Optimum weight to strength ratio
  2. Moulds: Moulds to leg & tendon profile and supports the back of the fetlock joint without restricting flexion & movement.
  3. No Water Retention: Fabrics resist the up take of water
  4. Freedom: behind the knee to prevent pinching under full flexion
  5. Strike Protection: provided by polycarbonate tendon guards with lifetime guarantee
  6. Shock Absorbing: integral strength of boot fabric offers support & absorption of concussion
  7. Natural Fit: and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots.
  8. Neoprene Free: inner lining is breathable, easy on the skin and avoids heat & sweat build up and irritation
  9. Non Vented: avoids use of open air vents which can allow dust and mud to get between the leg and boot lining causing rubbing.

The size range of these new boots caters for most boned types and size.

Shop price: £ 1.40
Online price:  £1.12  

A naturally flavoured titbit for horses and ponies. Foil wrapped for extra freshness and flavour.

Shop price: £ 960.00
Online price:  £720.00  

Meadow Creek Aztec Close Contact Jump Saddle 

This is a beautiful hand crafted leather close contact jump.  Double flap which is covered in oiled leather with contrast welting.  It has a flat seat with square cantle and wide tree.

Shop price: £ 1,040.00
Online price:  £520.00  

Special features: 

• gusset panel 
• long billets 
• high knee rolls 
• black stitching 
• saddle tree E-Motion 
• wool flocked panel 
• extra deep seat

Shop price: £ 1,499.00
Online price:  £944.37  

The K2 GP has a true all purpose seat and flap for performance without compromise. Features the benefits and technical developments that are a hallmark of Albion. German pattern faithfully constructed as dictated by the late Herbert Rehbein.

  • Well proven for many purposes.
  • Fits a huge range of horses.
  • Tough all round performer.
  • Generous knee block for a secure leg position.
  • Custom 3" gusset

Online price:  £599.00  

English Riding Saddle Company Competition Event Saddle



You save £500! Buy now as the sale is for a limited time only!



Clearance Sale Saddle
Online price:  £690.00  

The longest standing all purpose saddle in the GFS range having been enjoyed by riders for over a decade. Built on a shapely tree the Pro Event is the perfect partner for the rider that enjoys a more traditionally shaped and secure seat. Accommodates a wide range of stirrup length variance making the Pro Event suitable for a wide range of disciplines. A trusted market leader!

YOU SAVE £500!
Shop price: £ 1,000.00
Online price:  £500.00  

The saddle is especially designed for the rider of ponies, not purely a child's pony.

It has a medium knee roll to aid with position with a medium deep seat for stability and a cut back head to allow a better fit on the rounder pony shape. A flatter panel gives stability for the horse and five girth strap positions ensure the correct fit.



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