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David Dyer Saddles

David Dyer Saddles (formerly Frogpool Manor Saddlery) are expert saddle fitters providing professional advice on saddles and accessories to enhance the performance of both horse and rider.  The David Dyers Saddles website makes it easy for you to access the best saddles and accessories from all over the world. We specialise in products tried, tested and recommended by saddle fitters.  We can advise you on what will work for you, your horse and why.  Order online via our website, or talk to our team and we will send out your products direct to your home, business or yard.

We have one of the largest saddle stocks in the country, with over 700 saddles across more than 20 brands and a wide range of accessories. We are an online equestrian superstore with a Master Saddler, workshop and a saddler fitters with over 40 years’ experience available for consultations.   

We conduct saddle fittings and checks over most of Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex.


Please visit our website to check if we cover your area and to request an appointment on our online booking system 


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