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Stubben Genesis CS De Luxe Jumping Saddle

Jumping saddle with a square cut cantle, whose structure and design is adapted according to the principles of modern jumping training as propagated by renowned show jumpers and instructors. The medium deep, extremely comfortable seat facilitates riding in the horse’s centre of balance. Knee rolls and blocks are extra soft and in combination with the purpose-designed short front panel rib will admit direct and thus effective aids of the rider. The flap has doubled leather and the easy-grip upper leather will additionally stabilize the rider’s leg. The characteristic features of the saddle are its new look of the cantle area, its elegant contours and a new type of panel with an extensive, directly effective contact surface.

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Second Hand Stübben Siegfried

The saddles of the Siegfried range are the true classics in the Stübben saddle collection. There is no other saddle type that helped win so many Olympic competitions, World Championships and other important titles. The Siegfried CS model is a jumping saddle with a half deep seat and a square cut cantle, made of full grain cow hide with medium sized knee and calf blocks. Even after so many years, the Siegfried CS is still one of the best selling saddles Stübben’s in collection, both for top athletes and for riders at the grass-roots level. Unbeatable as to quality and price.

There are few chips ot the cantle and slight mottling to the seat on one site. There is some discolouration to the tan leather where it comes not contact with the horse but nothing more than would be expected with this type of leather. There is some marking to the flaps from stirrup leathers, we would advise the new owner to have the girth straps checked.

If you would like anyfurther information or photos of this saddle please contact our office on 0208 308 0500. 

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Sale Stubben Portos Jumping Saddle

Stylistically accurate jumping and optimal mobility for horse and rider – that’s what you can expect from the close contact jumping saddle Portos. Its newly designed and extremely soft seat, combined with its narrow twist and flat panel with short rib, reduces the distance between horse and rider to the absolutely required minimum. This helps both partners to merge into a perfectly matched unit. The full-grain, soft leather makes sure that the rider feels at ease from the very beginning. The Portos model, however, is not only highly functional but also distinguishes itself by its fanciful elegance. Its decorative stitching is an eye-catcher. This saddle is particularly recommended for those who fancy a supple and aesthetically pleasing light seat.

  • Panel in matching tone
  • Foam panel
  • Pommel and cantle on the same level

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