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Kentucky Horsewear Boot Bag

The Kentucky Horsewear Boots Bag offers protection to your boots during transportation, at shows or at home. The Boots Bag has artificial rabbit skin on the inside to avoid scratches on the leather. The name tag on the front can be turned over and personalized. The Boots Bag can be easily carried thanks to the handle on the top or to the long nylon strap, which can be adjusted in length. The Boots Bag has the same diamond quilting and artificial leather piping as our Bridle Bag, stable set (curtain, guard, head protector) and our rugs! Therefore, this Boots Bag tops of the Kentucky show look. The Boots Bag is machine washable at 30°, do not tumble dry.

- Offers protection to your Boots
- Artificial rabbit skin inside
- Name tag can be personalized
- Diamond quilting matches our stable set and rugs

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Kentucky Horsewear Helmet Bag

Check out the luxurious riding helmet bag from Kentucky Horsewear. Lined with Kentucky’s gorgeous soft faux fur lining, the helmet bag will protect your riding helmet from scratches and scuffs. Following on from the boot bag and bridle bag, the hat bag is a perfect addition to add to your collection.

This classy Helmet Bag allows you to store, protect and take your helmet wherever you want. Thanks to the front pocket, you can also store smaller items such as gloves. The helmet bag matches all the Kentucky travel products, so you can travel in style.

The outside of the helmet bag is made from the chic quilted Kentucky fabric. The inside of the bag is lined with artificial rabbit skin that protects your helmet against scratches. Next to protection, the artificial rabbit skin also serves as a shock absorber. The carrying handles are finished with artificial leather, for comfortable transport.

The helmet bag is made to store all kinds and sizes of riding helmets. The bag is closed with a strong zipper and the front pocket is closed by press studs. The front pocket allows you to easily store hair accessories, gloves, a phone or keys. The dimensions of the helmet bag are 37cm x 26 cm x 28 cm (L x H x W).

The bag is machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry afterward.

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Kentucky Horsewear Horse Riding Socks

The Kentucky Horsewear Horse Riding Socks have been produced with a lot of thought. Produced by riders for riders the fabric allows for a professional fit without altering the fit of your riding boots and as we all know. You can never have too many socks!

An essential piece of kit in your riding wardrobe, the horse riding socks are suited to both boys and girls, men and ladies. The socks have a classic yet modern design, that bring you maximum comfort in your everyday life at the stables and as mentioned above, the riding socks are thin enough that they will not add thickness under your boots and chaps. The socks come in a high leg fashion with elastic fit and as a result will fit all types of legs.
A Kentucky logo is very subtly printed on the top of the socks.

The socks are machine washable at 30 degrees.

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