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Tail Guard

Toughest protection for the dock bone

A substantial Prolite layer on the outer side of the dock makes this guard the best available – there’s simply no better protection against bumps and rubs. With a quilted underside and a tapered fit, it’s comfortable and secure with or without a tail bandage and needs no tapes or fiddly surcingle strings to keep it in place

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Dublin Imperial Hat Bag

Ideal for safe storage and transportation of your riding hat or helmet



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Kentucky Horsewear Bridle Bag

The Kentucky Horsewear Bridle Bag offers protection to your bridles during transportation, at shows or at home. The Bridle Bag has artificial rabbit skin on the inside to avoid scratches on the leather. It features a hook on the inside to easily attach your bridle. The name tag on the front can be turned over to be personalized. The Bridle Bag can be attached to anything thanks to the hook & ring on the top. It has the same diamond quilting that our stable set (curtain, guard, head protector) and our rugs! Therefore, this Bridle Bag tops of the Kentucky show look. It is machine washable at 30°, do not tumble dry.

- Offers protection to your bridle
- Artificial rabbit skin inside
- Hook & ring to hang your bridle and Bridle Bag
- Name tag can be personalized
- Diamond quilting matches our stable set and rugs

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Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad Bag

This elegant and practical Saddle Pad Bag is made out of heavy duty 600D polyester fabric with a waterproof coating and a nice finishing touch with artificial leather piping. It has been specially developed to store between 3 to 5 saddle pads. It is mainly used to store your pads after washing or during transport to keep them dry and clean. It’s your ideal stable mate at shows to keep your pads clean.

- 600D polyester waterproof fabric
- Storage between 3 to 5 pads
- Storage after washing
- Keeps your pads dry and clean

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Kentucky Tail Guard and Tail Bag

The Kentucky Tail Guard and Tail Bag is made of flexible soft neoprene. It protects from the top of the tail right to the end of the dock.The tail guard provides a great fit without sagging and therefore at the same time being comfortable for the horse. The Tail bag keeps the horse’s tail clean and tangle free during travel. It gives improved protection, performance and hygiene. The tail stays protected and clean in the bag, due to its clever design and easy application. No struggle, no fuss, just fit and adjust. Use the Tail Guard with or without the Tail Bag.

Kentucky Tail Guard and Tail Bag. A ‘TAIL’ worth mentioning 
If you struggle to keep your horses’ tail clean from the moment you leave the yard. The Kentucky Horsewear Tail Guard and Tail Bag is just what you are looking for!

Kentucky Horsewear is known for their collection of technical protective horse boots. But this tail guard incorporates their attention to detail. Therefore with the ethos that products should perform and protect!
Most tail guards on the market are all one piece. The Kentucky Tail Guard and Tail Bag comes as two separate pieces:

• Neoprene Tail Guard and also the • 150D Polyester Bag

Allowing you to conveniently put on the tail guard first, securing the three generous, wide Velcro straps for a good fit. Place the rest of the tail into the bag and attach to the tail guard courtesy of the ‘easy to use’ Velcro strap and draw string pull. As a result, No more struggling to do up the tail guard whilst trying to keep the rest of the tail in the bag! And should you just be off to schooling session, you can also use the tail guard on its own!
A fiddly task made simple with Kentucky Horsewear!

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Kentucky Horse Travel Bandages

Horse Travel Bandages from Kentucky Horsewear are the perfect choice to use with Quilted Bandage Pads. Soft and Strong and also fully breathable.

A superb wool and acrylic mixture gives the Kentucky Travel Bandage extra thickness and durability. They are extremely breathable and therefore allow for better air circulation. Can be also used as a Stable Bandage if required. Fitted with strong Velcro fastening. As a result this prevents the bandage from slipping down the leg. 

The bandage are 4 meters long 5″ wide.

Available in Black or Blue. Sold in Packs Of 4.

Machine Washable at 30 degrees.

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Woof Wear Bridle Bag|WL0016

Our bridle bag is a must to protect your finest leatherwork, for travel or at home. With space to accommodate 2 extra large double bridles, secure closure fittings to attach them, a pocket to store essentials, with a comfort carry strap complete with branded gunmetal zips and a detailed oversize Woof Wear logo.

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