Freya Weller

Saddler and Saddle Fitter

Freya Weller – Saddler and Saddle Fitter

Freya works in the David Dyer Saddles workshop with Master Saddle Guy Barrett.  Freya studied at Capel Manor College for two years and has been working with us at David Dyer Saddles for over a year.  She is training at the Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury regularly and competes in the National Saddlery Competition every year!  Her work is of the highest standard and we are proud to have her working in our workshop.  You can either drop by the workshop at Frogpool Manor Farm or call the office with any enquires 020 8308 0500.

Freya is also training as a saddle fitter and you will probably meet her out with David on saddle fitting appointments, helping David with fittings and making saddle adjustments. 

Freya is the proud owner of our workshop mascot, Maisie! Maisie is a 4 year old liver and white German short haired pointer and can often be found sleeping in her bed in the workshop or office.  Maisie is very friendly and always like customers to come and say hello.

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