Dressage Anywhere

Not enough time to compete or too nervous about going to your first dressage competition?  Why not try Dressage Anywhere!

Last week my colleague mentioned to me that she was practicing her dressage test.  I assumed she was going to have to pack the lorry, load the horses and travel to her dressage competition.  How wrong I was!

Leah was actually competing via the Dressage Anywhere website! This is an amazing website that allows you to record your dressage test in the comfort of your own arena or field and enter the test for judging online!

This is such a good opportunity for riders who have just not had the time to get out, want to practice their first test, or perhaps you have a young horse who isn’t quite ready for the scary and very exciting world of competitions.   This website allows you to get feedback from a British Dressage (BD) listed or FEI International judge; you can even win prizes and rosettes. What fun!

To all of our friends, saddle fitting clients and website customers....we wanted to share this cool website with you!


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