Kentucky Relax Horse Toy
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Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys

Kentucky Horsewear Horse Relax Toys are the perfect addition to your horses stable. If your horse gets easily bored, then these Kentucky Horse Toys are great to give the horse something to play with. When the horse applies pressure to the toys belly. This then produces a cracking plastic sound, which is intriguing for them. It can also help nervous horses get used to unusual sounds, which is great to build confidence in younger horses.
Another great asset to the toy is under the tail you can open the toy and remove the plastic bottle to replace to keep the fun on going! The mane and tail of the toy horse are also very fun for the horse to play with. Whilst having a small rope attached to the whither of the toy to attach to your desired place within the stable.

The Kentucky Horse Toy is machine washable at 30 degrees. Do not  tumble dry.

1 size: 40cm length.

Relax Horse Toys are designed to be chewed, tossed, crunched and ripped. The ultimate boredom buster. We are sorry to say that we can not replace a toy should your horse destroy them.

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