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The new girth by Prestige is made of a round shaped panel and an expressly modified jumping or dressage girth; the girth slides inside the panel.

The RP girth offers the following advantages:

  • Because the girth can slightly slide through the panel, it eliminates nearly all side by side movement.
  • The pressure from the girth is now spread out over a broad surface, making it more comfortable for the horse.
  • Thanks to its padded round contour and to the three inner oval inserts, all made of an extremely soft material, the panel generates an air cushion for an even further reduced pressure in that area.
  • The round panel ensures an excellent functioning of the girth even on an extreme area usually exposed to dirt, water, mud, sweat, etc.
Watch the girth in actions!

Review from Annemarie Edgerton-Bright, Musclebound Equine Therapist "It is unheard of me to be amazed by a horse gadget but I am just that. The new Prestige girth..... I call it the donut girth. After seeing amazing improvement in the movement, back stress and pain of some customers that have used it, I tried it for myself.The girth works by removing pressure from the rib cage allowing the ribs to open fully, it takes pressure away from the ascending pectorials and the serratus muscle allowing the horse free movement through the shoulder and across the ribs. It does not place pressure on the back muscles and tendons allowing freedom of movement over the back. The counter saddle stability pressure is placed on the sternum directly under the saddle and as the girth slides through the padded ring there is no tension, or restriction in the ribs as the foreleg extends and the saddle stays perfectly balanced across the back.  The design also makes it difficult to over girth.  Although not cheap it is definitely an investment worth making.  Many times it is not the saddle causing the problems but the girth." 


Expert's view

We suggest that you  an addtional 10cm on your normal girth size to give enough room for the central ring. 
Sales and Bridle Fitter
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Product FAQs

The standard gauge donut measures 27cm long by 24.5cm wide

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